Do you have a Well formed outcome?

In coaching psychology we usually believe it is good to have outcomes which line up with our values. This means we are moving towards outcomes which improve the quality of life for us and others.  As we have different values we often will have different outcomes. The important question is… our outcome  “well formed”? That means are we excited about it? do we know precisely what it is we are after? Is it realistic? When we have these outcomes we have purpose and meaning in our life. One personal outcome I have set myself is to see if I can get back to my age equivalent performance in athletics by the time I am 60. I ran my first race in 28 years last year (2011) and managed to win the 55-59 age category for 10 kilometers in 41 minutes and 2 seconds.  I am 57 this year and am after a time of 39 minutes and 35 seconds. One key question we all have to ask is are we on the way to achieving one of our well formed outcomes? The answer is always either yes or no.  This is what makes us different from our front door, which does the same thing every day over and over again. Here is a scruffy me picking up a reward, an engraved whiskey tumbler, for achieving one small outcome in 2011. What is your outcome for 2012 and thereafter? What ever it is I wish you the very best in accomplishing what is important to you.

3 thoughts on “Do you have a Well formed outcome?

  1. You can not manage a company by fear, for the reason that way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. Approaches to avoid criticism is always to relax.
    The guy that will use his skill and constructive imagination to determine how much the guy can give to get a dollar, as an alternative to how little he can give for any dollar, will succeed.

    • I totally agree with you one should not manage a company by fear. I also agree in relaxing we can listen to our critics and learn from them. I think it would be great to avoid criticism alltogether, however that is a trick I have not yet mastered. Thank you for posting.

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