What if?

In psychology a frame which is often used is “what if?” I know for some people Christmas is not always a happy time. However for the majority of us it is a time of sharing, giving and being happy. What if we could pretend it was Christmas every day? I wonder how that would change the world.

Happy Christmas from the Grimleys! :-)

2 thoughts on “What if?

    • Maybe Alison. Christmas is very commercialised now-a-days. I wonder if there would be so many arguments and family break-ups if we entered into the spirit of giving, sharing and being happy? I am reading Steven Coveys 7 habits again recently and he said the 1st habit is being proactive. This, for him is about broadening our circle of influence, rather than dwelling on our circle of concern. If we choose to give, share and be happy proactively I am sure it could be Christmas every day????? :-)

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